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Questions concerning SMART/pagefile
08-25-2010, 01:31 PM,
Question  Questions concerning SMART/pagefile
Hello Andreas

I have some questions concerning your SMART/pagefile bars.

I'm using a DELL machine and your V 2.22

If I activate SMART I find 100% left of the drive bar and "Fehler" to the right

Using the SWAP file bar I found:

Option "frei"
100% and a negative number -21474836...
100% and 221 MB
100% and 0 bytes
"auf der FP belegt"
100% and 1.9 GB

The meaning of the values "frei" and "benutzt" is obvious but what is the meaning of "gesamt"
I think you don't calculate the percentage values.

It might be useful to give the user the option to change the name (here it is "Auslagerungsdatei"

Thanx in advance

09-09-2010, 10:09 AM,
RE: Questions concerning SMART/pagefile

Normaly if you have a non german windows you should get all text in english.

1) SMART 100% + Error (Feher) mean that you should run a profesional SMART Tool to see the vitality of our drive.

2) SWAP with negative number means that your windows doesn't report correct values so I can't display anything correct.

Kind Regards,
Kind Regards,

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